How You Can Help ACTS

There is something about the buzz of a drama classroom, something about the laughs and cheers, the singing and the harmonies that radiates joy. Seeing young people, that perhaps never would have met otherwise, enter the space and immediately let themselves go to be their silliest and freest selves makes us quite jealous. 

It’s something that as adults we forget to do. We start taking ourselves too seriously very suddenly and we don’t imagine many of us could think of why. It is a liberating thing then to watch a group of young people enjoy themselves in a space where the only limits are of the imagination. Unfortunately though, these spaces, where the walls could be waterfalls, the ceiling could be the stars of outer space, and the middle of the floor could feel like a West London stage, are seldom available for many young people in the country. 

And so, three years ago, ACT Scotland was born to provide the young people in Motherwell and surrounding areas precisely that kind of space.

Since starting, the roster of talent and young performers has grown year on year and so has our vision for what is possible from what started in church halls to gaining a permanent base in Motherwell.

Post-pandemic, we believe that allowing young people to express themselves both creatively and inventively is crucial for their growth and development as developing minds and we are unbelievably grateful that we can facilitate such a venture. 

With that being said, we are always looking to expand our reach to meet new young people who want to explore the arts! Organisations like our own expand best through word of mouth, and so we at, ACTS, would be so grateful if you would be able to leave us a review to reflect the wonderful experiences of the students we we teach. 

Reviews allow us to appear higher in search engines and boost our public profile better than any private marketing ever could. If any of our readers would be able to leave us a review, it would be greatly appreciated as it would allow other young people to locate us more easily and allow us to continue the work we adore with people from Motherwell and beyond. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping to make ACT such a special place!