Why the arts are so important

Finally! After what has been a challenging and exhausting period of lockdown(s) and restrictions for everyone, things are starting to look up. For us at ACT Scotland, it means at long last we can welcome your wonderful smiling, talented faces back into the studio.

If you haven’t already joined us for an online workshop or are on the fence about joining our face-to-face classes, here are just some of the reasons that arts participation is so important:


Perhaps one of the most profound benefits of the creative industries is the positive impact it has on our mental, physical and communal wellbeing. Not only does it encourage us to dive into a completely different world and escape the dullness of the everyday for a little while, but through taking part and creating stories, we are able to learn about ourselves and those around us.

The arts allow us to feel part of something, where in other areas of life we may feel excluded or discriminated. By increasing the capacity for empathy and inclusion, it expands our world view and builds understanding of different ways of life and of different ways of thinking. We have a chance to speak up, be ourselves and build friendships with a whole heap of people with a whole heap of talents.

Theatre, in this way, can be completely transformative.

By creating something with other people, we feel valued, proud and empowered by what we have brought to the team. Helping to boost self-confidence, this means we are more able to communicate our ideas effectively and express ourselves authentically as we improve our listening and speaking skills. These experiences shape us for life.

Also, dance and physical drama workshops are some of the most fun forms of exercise! Good for your heart, lungs, brain and even your co-ordination, it’s a brilliant way to fit some movement into your routine.


It’s all about transferrable skills. While we might not all be destined to be the next Hollywood film star, we can definitely all put the things theatre teaches us to good use throughout our lives. For one, dedicating yourself to rehearsals and classes builds commitment and respect. This discipline is something that carries over to academic endeavours, future employment positions and even other hobbies. By cultivating respect for the time and work of others, as well as our own responsibilities, we become far more organised and active members of the community. It’s something that we all need to harness, regardless of age or industry.

Especially as we live in a society where there are all kinds of clever, drama is without a doubt one of the best ways to set your youngsters on the road to being confident, multidisciplinary and emotionally astute adults.


We promise it isn’t about being the best. It isn’t about pursuing an artistic career. It’s about taking part, having fun and opening yourself up to new ways of seeing things. The arts, in essence, are what make us the best version of ourselves we can be.

Albert Einstein, although better known for his scientific genius, is one of the most notable advocates for arts participation. Without getting too wordy, his theory of ‘combinatory play’ essentially shows us that by stepping away from challenging situations or your usual routine, and working on something completely unrelated for a while, actually helps to generate new ideas. He famously solved maths equations that were stumping him by taking breaks to play the violin. This is because using another part of the brain opens up different channels, and so we are able to connect previously separate thought processes. Basically- we are far better at thinking, imagining and problem solving by regularly opening ourselves up to artistic disciplines.

Cool, huh?!

Are you frightened you’re not a good enough dancer, or that acting isn’t your thing? You might even STILL think that the arts aren’t relevant or important. Here at ACT Scotland, we believe that participating in creative activities is not just about having fun, but it’s absolutely essential to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Still need convincing? Why not get in touch and join us for a FREE taster session! We can’t wait to show you just how life-changing performing can be.